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Star Crossed News
05/29/2017 -  SHELDON UNGER vs THE DENTURES OF DOOM has been longlisted for the 2017 SUNBURST AWARD! Awarded annually to recognize excellence in Canadian literature of the fantastic.
09/05/2016 -  SHELDON UNGER vs THE DENTURES OF DOOM has been released for shipping! Both Whitehots and ULS are currently in stock!
12/15/2013 -  SECRET OF THE LOST EMPIRE and THE MAD QUEEN OF MORDRA return to print!!
3/23/2013 -  EVIL EYE is featured in the Winnipeg Free Press today! Reviewer Helen Norrie writes: 
"A book that will resonate particularly with young boys is Evil Eye by Toronto author Jeff Szpirglas (Star Crossed Press)." 
2/21/2013 -  The launch for the US edition of EVIL EYE is June 15, 2013! 
10/15/2012 - Jeff Szpirlgas has been nominated for the 2013 Red Maple Award for nonfiction for his book YOU JUST CAN'T HELP IT!  Jeff's newest book, EVIL EYE is now available!
10/12/2012 - Join us for the launch of EVIL EYE Saturday October 20th, 3:-00 pm at Bakka-Phoenix Bookstore, 84 Harbord Street in Toronto, ON.

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