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Sheldon Unger vs The Dentures of Doom
by Jeff Szpirglas, Jeff Szpirglas

Longlisted for the 2017 Sunburst Award for Excellence in Canadian Literature of the Fantastic!

2013 Red Maple Nominated Author for You Just Can’t Help It!

NEW RELEASE - October 2016

Trade Paperback
Middle-Grade Fiction / Horror & Ghost Stories
236 pages

“Horror you can sink your teeth into! Fast paced, jam packed with hair-raising suspense. This book bites (in a good way).”

—Arthur Slade, author of The Hunchback Assignments


1. Girls do not like you.

2. Your best friend collects scabs.

3. Your annoying grandma hogs the TV.

4. You opened your grandma’s old trunk.

5. You found a creepy old jar inside the trunk.

6. You opened the jar.

7. Deadly, living teeth escaped from it.

8. These teeth have killed before.

9. Only you can stop the teeth.

10. Your only protection is a fairy costume.

Evil Eye 
by Jeff Szpirglas

978-0-9867914-0-6 CAN ed./ 978-0-9867914-7-5 US ed.
Trade Paperback
Middle-Grade Fiction / Horror & Ghost Stories
185 pages

Jake knew that a field trip to the cemetery would lead to bad things. Bad things like an angry class bully. Bad things like a mysterious tombstone. Bad things like a scratched eyeball.

Most scratched eyeballs heal up in no time. They don’t pop out of their sockets or float in the air or help you cheat on your math test. And they almost never go off in search of revenge.

Now Jake’s eyeball has a mind of its own, and it’s up to Jake to find out what it’s after and why. Whatever it is, it’s something ancient. Something evil.

"Some kids have been waiting their entire lives for a book about a floating eyeball, even if they didn’t know it. This is that book." - KIRKUS